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The Cell Angel HJK10  is made with a unique, revolutionary extraction technology that is unique in the world.


 The chelate complex bound molecules absorption is extremely high, the effect of other nutrients mertmegakadályozzák the absorption inhibitor, thus the absorption becomes easy.

 A 12-step  a full-spectrum extraction is used, which extracts the broader content of the plants from the dried raw material. The unique technology protects valuable and sensitive plant active ingredients. CellAngel HJK10 contains substances extracted from herbs in the most natural form possible.

 The plant seeds used in the production of CellAngel HJK10 have the highest potential . This means that the seed enters the product, ie it becomes a “Cell Angel” when it has the highest content of nutrients , enzymes and energy . This is the period immediately before germination , when the seed swells again after the dormant phase, life begins in it , the enzymes and plant hormones needed for germination are activated, and nutrients are mobilized from the stores.

 During the special production process, the plant active ingredients are placed in an organic medium that will be easier to use and utilize for the human body.

 Full spectrum herbal extract in chelate binding

Science Lab

SetjAngyal in HJK10 - thanks to the special extraction procedure   - the bioavailability is exceptionally high .    

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