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 It detoxifies and keeps the liver healthy

St. John's wort seeds

St. John's wort is native to the Mediterranean regions, but through settlements it now occurs anywhere in the world where the climate is warmer.  



A lot of different folk known as (Our Lady's milk as Our Lady of cabbage, Máriabogáncsként, or szamárkóróként tarkabogáncsként) herb.

In 2013, it was chosen as the herb of the year.

The main antioxidant in our body is glutathione, which plays a central role in the detoxification processes that take place in our body. It is found in every cell in the body, but to the greatest extent in the liver.

Hepatic overload, which plays a key role in breaking down toxins that damage cells, can increase the chances of many chronic diseases by reducing glutathione levels.

The biggest benefit of milk thistle is that it preserves glutathione.
Modern eating, pollution, toxins, stress, trauma, aging, infections and radiation all contribute
for depletion of liver function and glutathione.

St. John's wort helps increase glutathione levels by increasing the detoxifying functions of the liver. It strengthens the walls of liver cells, makes them more resistant to toxins and supports them

liver regeneration, glutathione formation.


St. John's wort 

mechanism of action

The fruit of the herb has been used primarily to treat liver and bile diseases.

It expels toxins

 It contains a significant amount of liver protective and liver regenerating active ingredients.

High content of silymarin

Silymarin may reduce
the risk of developing a tumor by boosting the immune system.

St. John's wort

Greatest Benefit

 It helps increase glutathione levels by increasing the detoxifying functions of the liver.

  • The condition of the blood circulating in our body relies mostly on the health of the liver.  

  • The liver helps remove harmful substances from the blood, helps produce hormones , detoxifies the body, releases blood sugar to provide energy to our body, and releases bile into the small intestine so fat can be absorbed from food. [1.7]

  • - mechanisms facilitates regeneration of the liver on the basis Studies and increases the solubility of bile, production increases, thereby reducing the risks of stone formation. [2,3]  

  • - It can promote healthy digestive function , soothes the mucous membranes throughout the body due to its anti-inflammatory effect. [4]

  • - An excellent herb against skin problems , it is effective in the treatment of eczema and acne , as it removes toxins from the liver, which is the main cause of acne. [5]

  • - Silymarin increases glutathione levels in the liver, which is a detoxifying protein, so it can be an important part of any “cleansing” treatment.  

  • - are strong preclinical evidence that silymarin anticarcinogenic properties due to antioxidant activity, including inhibition of cancer cell growth in human prostate, skin, breast - and cervical cells. [6,7]


The Cell Angel HJK10  a dietary supplement that promotes health and is not a medicine. According to the EU Decree 37/2004 (IV. 26.), food supplements are not suitable for the treatment, treatment and prevention of diseases and disorders of the body. Their consumption is not a substitute for proper specialist diagnosis and medication, but may supplement the therapy recommended by your doctor. The claims in the specification are quotations from the literature on the active ingredients, with reference. The claims do not relate to the product, they are only intended to provide a general, high level of general information to consumers about the ingredients. The information should not be construed as medical advice for a personal problem and is not intended to be a suggestion for the treatment of specific symptoms. Always consult a specialist with your health problem: your doctor, pharmacist!

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