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The result of decades of research

 Throughout the creation of the Cellular Angel HJK10, scientific principles prevailed, paying maximum attention to the selection of raw materials with a high active ingredient content and their preservation in the finished product.

New Revolutionary Extraction Procedure

 A 12-step full- spectrum extraction is used, which extracts the broader contents of the plants or seeds from the dried raw material. The unique technology protects valuable and sensitive plant active ingredients . CellAngel HJK10 contains substances extracted from herbs in the most natural form possible. 100% organic! next...

Herbal Synergy

 The right combination of herbs scientifically put together can create recipes that are more than just the sum of its parts. The herbs working in synergy have a beneficial effect by supporting each other's effects. The CellAngel HJK10 has a synergy of 6 types of herbs. next...

Complexity, Chelation, Bioflavonoids, Polyphenols 

 The synergy between the technology used in the production of CellAngel HJK10 and the raw materials favors the formation of organic chelate complexes , which greatly increases the bioavailability of the active ingredients in the human body. The Cell Angel in HJK10  polyphenol type antioxidant content is outstanding. next...

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Our mission

 In many cases, our current modern lifestyle, diet and nutrition are not suitable for the harmonious cooperation of nature , body and spirit. Our cells are deficient in nutrients and energy and are typically unable to effectively transmit environmental signals into a strong and healthy positive biological response, an important feature of a strong immune support system. It's time for a new evolution! With CellAngel , we offer exceptional quality , high absorption rate natural supplements to supplement your healthy diet. Our goal is to be ambassadors for natural health and well-being by providing dietary supplements and lifestyle programs that are proven to work , supported by scientific research, and that help restore and improve the body’s natural healing abilities.

 Full spectrum herbal extract in chelate binding

The four most important reasons to choose Cellular Angel HJK10 Dietary Supplement.

Hamarosan érkezik...

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What Makes a Cell Angel Different?

Thanks to this unique production technology, the most valuable active ingredients in plants are extracted in the most gentle way, resulting in a higher bioavailability than tablets and capsules due to the form of the liquid extract,

Thus, the components operating in synergy are able to perform their “Cell Angel” function with maximum efficiency.

The plant seeds used in the production of HJK10 are the highest have potential . This means that the core will be included in the product, so it becomes "SejtAngyallá" when the highest in nutrients - enzymes - and energy. This is the period immediately before germination , when the seed swells again after the dormant phase, life begins in it , the enzymes and plant hormones needed for germination are activated, and nutrients are mobilized from the stores.

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Just 20 ml of Cellular Angel HJK10 herbal dietary supplement can contribute to a healthier and more balanced life.

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